Research on the History of Food & Medicine in China, Observing Food Crops in China's Rural Revival, Exploring Changing Crafts and Techniques

East Asia
Food and Crops
Crafts and techniques

Angela Ki Che Leung

Angela Ki Che Leung is Professor Emerita at the University of Hong Kong, elected Academician of the Academia Sinica in 2010, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes académiques (French Ministry of National Education) in 2015. She is a historian and researcher who has dedicated her career to exploring the intriguing intersections of culture, health, food, and society in East Asia, particularly China. With a long academic career and insatiable curiosity, Angela has been a leading authority in her field.

Areas of interest

Soy Sauce

Rural Revival - Food & Crops

Crafts & Techniques​

Chinese Medicine in History

Why I do What I do

To deepen and broaden historical research for a better understanding of traditional, indigenous knowledge and practice in the production of foods in East Asia.

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